Above and Beyond

Advanced Events puts me in the position to do what I do best. I don't have to worry because not only do you take the headache out of managing logistics, but you also create exactly the event I want even when I can't articulate what I want. You think above and beyond!

Bob Shenefelt, Leader, iMatter & iMatter for Kids

Alignment with Global Priorities Was Evident

We just wanted to take a moment to thank Advanced Events for the outstanding execution of the Convention. We know the team worked extremely hard; and your efforts paid off big time. You should feel very proud. While we know that everyone worked very hard to make sure this convention was a success, special thanks go to Advanced Events for the passion, commitment and leadership. Our alignment with the Global priorities was very evident and much appreciated.

Senior Operations Director, Global Fast Food Restaurant

A Sure Bet

Advanced Events has a passion for live events, which translates to the absolute best for my customers. If you need to re-invigorate your brand, dazzle your clients or are looking to engage and connect with any of your company’s many audiences, Advanced Events is a sure bet.

-Marketing Director, National Brand Manager

Everything You Contributed Made a Difference

A round of applause and accolades to you for all the support provided in helping make Bear Bash a success. From your participation and help conceiving and building out various components, to spreading the CeCe Cares and Bear Bash gospel; everything you contributed made a difference! We want to celebrate you and what you have helped accomplish! Each of you lent social and professional gifts and currency, which helps families that CeCe Cares touches get what they need.

Sarah & Pete Cunningham, Founders CeCe Cares Pediatric Epilepsy Foundation

Thankful of Last Minute Help

We wanted to say thank you for stepping in last minute and wrapping your hands around the ICBA program so quickly which facilitated the communication and execution of the program. It was a pleasure to meet and work with you. Hopefully we get to work with you all again in the future.

Cecelia Stefan-Cintron, CMP Convention Services Manager Rosen Shingle Creek