Case Study: Alignment Advantage for a High Profile Product Launch

Avant Communications

A high-profile product launch delivered in conjunction with a related tech conference and designed to dramatically increase their market share.

Rather than simply using the allure of a major convention city to deliver a fun, but underwhelming launch party that could result in a larger bar bill than list of new clients, Avant enlisted Advanced Events to create an experience that would not only wow but would also align to the goals they had beyond the event itself. Through discussion and identification of four, principle goals, we were able to design not only the onsite event experience, including appropriate venue selection, the right entertainment, production of high-end launch videos that entertained and educated, but we were also able to customize pre-event marketing to pique interest, create an air of excitement and anticipation and draw a clamoring crowd of several hundred vying for entrance into the event.

During the event, our client garnered several strong leads, and within weeks of the event, they had contracted several million dollars in new business directly resulting from the launch event. Advanced Events generated more than 1000% ROI in one night and created an experience that left their clients talking for many more.