Case Study: If A Picture Says 1000 Words, How May Does A Video Say?

Entrepreneur’s Organization Chicago

A fresh, event marketing strategy to shake-up the membership with an unmatched annual calendar of events…a postcard simply wouldn’t do.

As EO Chicago’s strategic member experience partner, we’ve helped the chapter think beyond their events to align every members touch point to the chapter's short- and long-term goals. To launch their 2015 - 2016 annual education and experiential calendar, we challenged convention, reallocating resources to produce a dynamic promotional piece that would not only boost registration for their education programs, but also create buzz about the exclusive, can’t-get-it-anywhere-else type of offerings EO Chicago provides to its members.

Our approach was to do something that would prompt members to say, “If EO Chicago is that attuned to creating an unforgettable experience with its marketing materials, imagine how amazing the actual experience will be.”

A mailer, yes? A simple, printed mailer, no? The EO Chicago calendar of events was unveiled via an HD video embedded into a 1/2” think mailer that demonstrated a year's worth of ROI in under 2 minutes!. We all knew when that mailer hit, neither EO Chicago nor our phones would stop ringing. They only question we got, “Where can I sign up?”