Case Study: Tomorrowland Today: Exelon Emerging Tech

Exelon Corporation

Deliver an annual, internal product showcase to increase company-wide demand for Emerging Technology department services.

What do you do if you’ve got the coolest new tech around and can solve just about any problem that crosses your path but no one knows you exist… even within your own company? Create an annual coming out party, of course!

Initiated and backed by Exelon's most senior executives, the annual Emerging Tech Showcase was born to increase internal demand for the Emerging Tech team’s services. Including high-level vendors from Google to IBM, the Showcase demanded a look and feel that mirrored its futuristic content - flawless, over-the-top, larger than life and with only minimal financial and human resources allocated. Enter Advanced Events.

By focusing on space configuration, innovative use of on-property resources and spending for results rather than tactics, Advanced Events has helped Exelon grow tremendously from a few hundred to more than 1000 attendees in just a few short years.